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Combining Both Covert & Overt Technology

Overt Technology

Microdots are the size of a grain of sand. Each bottle contains thousands of particles laser etched with individualised information. This ‘pin code’ data is linked to a person or company and is stored on a national security register to enable ease of identification and the repatriation of lost or stolen property.

Microdots can be read with a simple hand held microscope and verified online by an authorised user for quick and easy identification.

Most importantly, thieves prefer to handle property where ownership cannot be proven. DNA+ forensic coding reduces theft because it significantly increases the chances of criminal being caught and convicted.

A History of Espionage

Micro technology was created in World War II for passing ‘top secret’ information within spy networks. The micros could be concealed in places such as clothing or even within the print of a ‘full stop’ in a book. In those days, the creation of micro technology was a highly skilled, costly and time-consuming process. Today, the technology has advanced to include cutting-edge laser technology.

Covert Technology

In addition to microdots, a generic DNA along with Digital Nano Particles are also included within the solution for a ‘belt & braces’ approach to the provision of evidence.

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